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Self-publishing does not have to cost thousands. learn how I did it in this awesome class!

I get asked questions like these all the time: “How did you get your start? What did you do to get your foot in the door?”

Until about three months ago, I usually gave a roundabout response, something along the lines of hard work and patience. The truth is that I self-published my very first book, Night Rhythms. I wanted to share that story with my kids while they were kids. Going the traditional publishing route would have been a time-consuming siege. Publishing my own book would allow me to essentially become the captain of my own ship.

Self-publishing does not have to cost thousands. learn how I did it in this awesome class!
The blueprint for learning how to self-publish is right here!

I called my company Monkey C Publishing (ask my mother and she’ll tell you that raising five boys was like living in a circus). And you know something? Nobody could tell the difference. I published the book, made sure that it was available to sell at major retail locations (online and brick & mortar outlets), built a list of people who’d be interested in books and marketed myself like crazy.

What happened next was nothing short of extraordinary: I began signing traditional publishing deals. Weird, right?

Where before I had been reluctant to share this story, today I’m pretty damn proud of it. It’s how an average guy decided to follow his dream, work for it, build it and enjoy it.

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Now I want to share how I did it in my latest project: Tell Your Story! a course I created on the Teachable platform. 

This will be the first of many courses that will help take writers through their publishing journeys. But we can’t put the cart before the horse – we have to create our self-publishing business first. That’s precisely what this course helps you do! The Tell Your Story! course will:

  • Lay the foundation for your book project by taking you the the steps of business creation
  • Walk you through critical steps to ensure that your book can be purchased and sold world-wide
  • Take you through the book-making process and how you can leverage different platforms to cut down on costs
  • And more!

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I look forward to working with you and building an awesome community of authors!




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