School Visits

The key to every school is visit: have fun; be impactful. Students of all ages are treated to a heavy dose of energy, powerful messaging and lots of laughs!

To say that students and teachers have a lot of fun during during an author visit would be an understatement.

Having fun is a key element with every school visit!

I make it a point to go “beyond the book” and talk to students about writing, finding their voices as writers, developing ideas and forming good writing habits. They get an opportunity to learn about how much time and energy goes into writing a story.

More importantly I am an advocate for teachers who work hard every day to teach these creative and amazing kids. I make it a strong point to tell students that I am following the same game plan and habits that their very own teachers are teaching them!

School Proposal Packet

Conferences, Workshops & More!

I also speak at workshops, conferences and other events. From parents and business organizations to sales leadership events, my presentations are impactful and catered to any audience. Let me know about your event and how I can help you by filling out the form below!


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