about the moment

IMG_6316 copy
Photo by Christ Chavez

The Moment is right now, the peak behind the curtain, the raw, bare-bones truth behind what goes through the mind of a guy that has transitioned from the bountiful world of bachelorhood and all she had to offer to the world of married life in suburbia, a house full of kids (3 daughters and a son), diaper changes and potty training.

It’s is a lesson on humility, getting made fun of, scrutinized from ear lobe hair and curly toes to driving too fast, or slow, or “why didn’t you exit when you were supposed to?” It’s about always being outvoted, surrounded by women in a much different way than I had ever imagined.

This isn’t about pulling punches; The Moment is not your typical bullshit blog on parenting or about how Little Timmy got an A in school today. The Moment has teeth, a bite of sarcasm mixed with a dose of reality, humor and feeling. And sports, for Christ’s sake.

Most importantly The Moment is about salvation, about how I would never in a million years trade this life in.

*These are my own opinions and mine only; they do not reflect those of my employer or any organization I am associated with. 


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