Taking the Leap of Faith

Think about a time when you stepped into a new endeavor, whether it was a new job, a new stage in your life like becoming a parent for the first time or when you moved to a new city.  If you’re anything like me, nerves kick in, perhaps there’s a moment of self-doubt where you ask yourself, “Can I really handle this?”

It’s kind of like the kid who decides to dive off the high dive for the very first time. All the big kids are in line behind you, waiting their turns. And what didn’t look as high from the ground before is now becoming a long…way…down.

It’s either jump or put your tail between your legs and climb back down the stairs, the rest of the kids sneering with every step down.

Believe it or not, I get that feeling every Thursday when I hit the “publish” button on this blog. No matter how long I’ve been writing, from my days as a sportswriter for the now-defunct El Paso Herald-Post in the mid-90’s to today as a Marketing Director, there’s still that lingering feeling of me landing flat on my face in a spectacular belly-flop.

Anyone who has ever put themselves out there for the masses has felt this way, knowing that not everyone will accept, understand or like what they see or hear. And in my case, what they read.

So when I tore open the box left behind on my doorstep the other day, I felt like the kid on the high dive again. Inside that box was the result of a lot of hard work, many late nights and early mornings: Night Rhythms, my new book collaboration with my buddy Marco Saenz. The book will be available in a few weeks and right now our anticipation level is at an all-time high.

You see, we have an absolutely daunting task in front of us. Our job now is to try and get this book into the hands of as many people as we can. And everywhere you look, there’s an obstacle standing in the way. Everything from household products, entertainment, television programming, live events and streaming, consumers are flooded with ways to spend their money. Add a week economy to the mix and it’s easy to get a little intimidated.

Regardless, I’m about to take a swan dive.  Actually, it’s more like a leap of faith. Besides, I’ve climbed too far to turn back.  But something very important  that’s going to give the landing less splash is Marco and I having the support of our friends and family. We’re going to need people to spread the word, have people point their attentions to this blog for more information on how they can order the book.

We’re basically going to pretend that book is a baby, and in our case, it’s really going to take a village…or whatever Oprah said. You know what I mean.

Finally, I’d like to be the first to say that both Marco and I really think this is a great project and worth every bit of time and energy spent on completing it. I am confident that people will really enjoy it. But during those moments of doubt, I just continue to tell myself one very important thing to make me feel better:

“Snookie wrote a book, man. If she can do it, well…”


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